Personaltraining, Pilates, Aquasport | „Shrug it out“ ..your nice shoulder
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„Shrug it out“ ..your nice shoulder

To ease tension in your neck, which can be exacerbated by hours of sitting at a computer, incorporate shoulder shrugs into your day..

How to start:

  1. Start in a comfortable seated or standing position
  2. INHALE and spread your upper back muscles open. Hold the breath, lift shoulders up by your ears, then EXHALE squeezing upper shoulder blade around the base of the neck and drawing both shoulder blades down. INHALE and release the squeeze.
  3. EXHALE and squeeze the middle shoulder blades straight back and pull both shoulder blades down. INHALE and release the squeeze
  4. EXHALE and squeeze the bottom tips of the shoulder blades together and pull both shoulder blades down a little more. Maintain a neutral head position with the chin parallel to the floor
  5. REPEAT 4 times