Personaltraining, Pilates, Aquasport | „Put yourself first“ be a little selfish
Pilates, Personaltraining, Fitness, Running, Walk, Aquasport
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„Put yourself first“ be a little selfish

Many of us have a tendency to put our work or others before ourselves. Investing in yourself is like refilling your energetic cup, tending to your needs first so you have the capacity to give to others.

Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and fully immerse yourself in your breathing. Each breath has the capacity to pull us deeper into your inner worlds. Allow yourself to fall gently inwards towards your own embrace. Relish in the delights of your breath as it flows peacefully in and out. Taken this opportunity to think of nothing else to be completely immersed in your own magnificence, gently reminding yourself that its not selfish to put yourself first, that the relationship your have with you is the most important one you’ll ever have !