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About This Project

At the end of the weekend, you may be feeling some level of exhaustion manifesting as bodily discomfort …

consider this quad stretch, which will release sorry muscles. Use a yoga strap if you have one, or simply loop a towel of band around your foot.—Lie facedown with your upper body propped up on your elbows, your left leg extended, and right leg bent with your foot near the glut

Loop the strap around the top of your right foot and hold the ends of the strap in your right hand. Bend your right arm so the yoga strap is taut but your leg isn’t being stretched—

  • INHALE with everything relaxed, then exhale and pull the strap forwards so your right heel moves closes to the right glute
  • INHALE with everything relaxed , then exhale and pull the strap forwards so your right heel moves closer to the right glute
  • INHALE and release—continue, then switch sides and repeat