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Melatonin-4 surprising benefits of this wonder-tablets

  1. Its not just a sleep hormone…Its true that your brain produces and releases more melatonin in the dark, which helps you sleep. But the hormone is far more than a sleep aid, and you can harness its powers by making small changes to your routine. Here four other things melatonin (both the supplements and the naturally occurring hormone) can do for your health.

2. Fight free radicals

A fit body creates more free radicals, which can contribute to inflammation and disease, and melatonin is a powerful            antioxidant that fights them.

3. Protect your skin

Your skin has melatonin receptors . Increasing evidence suggests that applying the hormone topically can act as an anti-inflammatory, slow ageing of the skin, and repair damage from UV light and pollutants! Melatoninserum combines the Vitamin C and bakuchqio, a more gentle alternative to retinol. Its good for skin elasticity without causing irritation or dryness.

4. Reduce your cancer risk

Melatonin regulates your circadian rhythm, and  research shows that alterations in circadian rhythm from JETLAG or irregular work schedule have been linked with an increased cancer risk. Melatonin can  slow cancers spread and even prevent tutor growth

Spend outdoors during the day, steer clear of  screens two hours before bedtime, dim lights an hour pre-sleep and make sure your room stays dark overnight