Personaltraining, Pilates, Aquasport | „Hip-Opener..Lizard Pose
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„Hip-Opener..Lizard Pose

„Stress often manifests physically in the hips. To help undo some of that tension, as well as get into the hamstrings and groin, hold the pose for at least 10 sec. When done right it also releases the chest, shoulders and neck.

Try it:

Begin in downward facing dog..Place your right foot outside your right hand, drop your back knee and untuck your toes. Then release your forearms to the ground (or use blocks and towels if you don’t reach) making sure your elbows are in line with your right ankle. Sink your hips and chest while keeping your spine long and shoulders down and back. Take long deep breaths in and out of your nose and you can use the time to write, email or text . Hold for at least 30 Seconds, or p to 3 minutes, then repeat on the other side.