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Coffee-„Energy BOOST“…

Coffee-„Energy BOOST“-

  1. PAINKILLER – 1 cup of coffee is for a headache just a wonder. And if you take in addition some painkillers, its even better
  2. ANTIOXIDANTIEN-POWER – Coffee protects you from bad influences. Its a great defense for your celles
  3. STAY FOCUSED – Its just great for your concentration- if you have a difficult work you get a fast solution with coffee 🙂
  4. DIABETES- Its just slowing down the risqué for Diabetes, because its influences your sugar-hormone and the Insulin-Depot in your body !DOPAMIN- its even higher out of your body and your get more active and awake

So best 1 hour before your workout drink a Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte or just a black one will get a positive effect for your workout, with more power that’s for sure !


for the iron-intake in your body before and after a bigger meal don’t take your coffee, you get less iron at the end !